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Ones to Watch

"The song gives us a preview of his album and an intimate look at his inner thoughts."

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Lyrical Lemonade

"He has a way of making sure the listener feels every single note that comes from his mouth."

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Ones to Watch

"With popular releases like 'Hands' amassing a million plays and counting on Spotify alone, Brandt Orange has already proven himself an expert storyteller, but his latest song, 'Good Energy,' pushes the artist’s work even further."


"At the intersection of indie pop and ambient R&B, the song is a vulnerably open walk through a lovers pensive mind after a relationships end battling between understanding if it is romance or intimacy that is missed."




Artist Bio

Raised in Chicago but based in LA, Mei is a 23 year old Chinese American songwriter and producer with a unique perspective on the crests and troughs of modern relationships. Mei’s writing often touches on conflicts of interest in heartbreak, identity, and life in the digital age in a tone that is intimate and introspective.
Unafraid to wear his influence on his sleeve, he credits songwriting legends like Paul McCartney and John Lennon as well as more modern acts like Frank Ocean and Bon Iver. Through his focused and refined writing, Mei carves out a new space for the classic singer/songwriter genre with poignant storytelling and nuanced soundscapes.
After releasing a series of singles in 2018, Mei embarked on a side project with his long time friend and collaborator Cyrus Elia. Dubbed Morii Morii, the duo’s music fuses a rich blend of Euro House production with Mei’s singer/songwriter melodies and lyrics. Morii Morii released their debut EP “Moved Since Spring” in the summer of 2019.
Now, Mei has his sights on a larger body of work that is slated for release at the top of 2021. The next single off his debut album, “Frankenstein”, is out October 13th, 2020. 

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