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Code of Ethics

Cosmica Artists is committed to having an inclusive community embracing all people to our
events and organization, we also reject all forms of discrimination and harassment. Our Artist,
as well as the behind the scenes staff, promise to keep fostering safe spaces where we all feel
respected and welcomed.

This policy is designed to clearly communicate our standards of behavior for our employees,
artists, and people we do business with, harassment in any form, will not be tolerated.


We are taking the “Committing to a Safe Music Community” Pledge (as distributed by
Folks Alliance International)

As a member of the music community, I pledge to create and uphold a safe environment for
all, one that respects all national, geographic, cultural, ethnic, social, economic, gender,
sexuality, orientation, mobility, and other forms of diversity. I reject harassment and
discrimination of any kind. When I witness behavior that undermines or threatens the safety
and security of any participant, I pledge to address this behavior as unacceptable. I will seek
training to learn how to address these issues appropriately.


Digital Practices
It’s great to be able to connect with fans from all over the world, but as a professional in this
music industry, you must carry yourself as such.
As we all know, once something is online it never leaves. Protect yourself by always having
conversations with fans in open and public forums, you can thank them and interact in a
respectful manner but avoid doing so through direct messages or personal one-on-one
communication. If you are being harassed or are sent inappropriate media (photos/videos)
please do not answer or engage. Document the situation and alert your management team
as soon as possible.


Take Action
If you experience or witness discrimination and/or harassment online or at a music industry
event, take action by immediately talking with your manager.
Most importantly keep an open dialogue with your band members and management team
about best practices on the road or online. Thinking something is not a big deal might lead
to bigger repercussions in the long run so please speak up.


Recognize Sexual Harassment & Assault
Defining terms can help advocate and identify inappropriate behavior. Commonly used
terms defined:
Sexual Harassment – Any unwanted behavior of a sexual nature
Sexual Assault – Any sexual activity without consent
Consent – A freely given and enthusiastic yes


We hope that by following these guidelines we can create a safe space for every music lover
out there.

Cosmica Artists

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