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Born and raised in Dallas, Texas - multi-instrumentalist Danny Bonilla is on a mission to create the ultimate feel good music through embracing every crevice of his multidimensional life. Despite early expectations that stem from a first generation Salvadoran home, Bonilla knew his destiny rested upon the magic of creating music. At the age of 8, he began learning how to read and compose music, as well as joined school choir to indulge his inimitable vocal abilities. With an aspiration to create music that expanded beyond the overplayed and banal, it was a fate encounter with fellow Luna Luna founding member Kevin Gonzalez in downtown Dallas that would put their name on the musical map striking gold as indie dream-pop



On edge to continue creating music that deviates away from the average, typical and mundane, Danny Bonilla released two standout singles “Dance With Me” in 2018, followed by “Breathe” in 2020. His upcoming project, out later this year, will provide a fuller introduction into the kaleidoscopic mind of an artist with a disco-tinged indie heart but genre-fluid blood supply. Bonilla’s music compiles an influence that blends the full sonic sound of stadium bands a la Queen with the

smooth and creamy melodies of soul with nods to the likes of Stevie Wonder and wrapped in the avant garde yet catch-idly playful aesthetics of Prince. An entrancing intersection of dreamy indie-pop and soulful alternative r&b - Bonilla’s symphonic synths, harmonized vocals and textured compositions travel a sonic journey that transcends thought and moves through an experience of jaunty emotion. Combined with an inimitable stage presence, his project and music creates a textured safe space for fully vibrant self-expression.

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