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Cosmica Meets Quitapenas

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Welcome to Cosmica Meets, where we get to know talented artists in our corner of the world. Today, we asked Quitapenas a few questions and here's what we learned...

Cosmica: What was your favorite part about making this collection of songs?

Quitapenas: The process of collecting the songs for Tigrada involved a lot of sacrifice. Some of us were at lows, others at highs, some raising children, others developing musically. The best part was growing musically as a band while strengthening our friendships. We were developing our understanding of rhythms, song writing, and story telling as we worked on this record. This album will forever feel like a work in progress, where we allowed ourselves to be vulnerable with our own insecurities as humans. 

C: Is there anyone/anything specific that inspired a favorite song/riff/lyric/moment on the project? The album was a journey into the self. We learned about traditions of Mexico, like the Tigrada then wrote a short story. The shooting in San Bernardino on December 2nd awakened the gratitude to not only be alive but understanding our privilege as first generation sons of immigrants, pursuing art; then we wrote about it. We wrote about the protests in Oaxaca, the Waterman Garden Projects in San Bernardino, the dangerous but well traveled Yungas road in Bolivia all while exploring rhythms like Champeta, Salsa Dura, Plena, Bomba, Punta and more. It was truly inspired by the stories of working people around the world. C: What do you hope listeners will take from the album? QP: We want listeners to feel inspired to remix their own history and tell their own stories. Do it for those who can't, for those who wont, and for those who need to hear it. We did it with love, to self educate, to grow as musicians, artists and members of our community. 

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for checking out Cosmica Meets! Stay tuned for more!! Let us know in the comments if you have any questions for the band or our Cosmica staff.



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Special thanks to Caro Galindo for her love and dedication to the music community. hashtag real one.

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